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This social comedy series was shot in front of the camera on December 7, 2016 in Yazd, Tehran and in some areas of Karaj. The story is about four women with many problems. Goli Delgosha won the first

Drama Comedy Persian 2017

Bazpors (The Investigator)

The story of this series is about an investigator named Sadra, who is caught up in a big economic smuggling, and following the clues, this case reaches a nobleman and a rent-seeking producer, and seve

Drama Persian +13


It is a romantic narrative set in the tense days of Tehran in the 50s, which begins with the black coup and culminates with the effects of the coup on the lives of the characters. In Tehran, years aft

Drama Persian +15

Velayat-e-Eshgh (Province of Love)

"Province of Love" series deals with the events after the death of "Harun Al-Rashid". After that, the caliphate of "Ma'mun" and the bringing of "Ali bin Musa al-Reza" to Merv are depicted. In the mean

History Persian +13

Saadi's Travels

The serial animation "Saadi's Travels" is the stories of the travels of the famous Iranian poet "Saadi" in the form of his own adventures as the protagonist. "Saadi" was in contact with merchants, sl

History Persian +

Mastooran (Those Covered)

The first season of Mastoran tells an old story from the legends of the Safavid and Ghaznavid eras. A story in which a child is mysteriously stolen by a barbarian attack and his mother is left in mour

Drama Persian +15

Kateb-e-Azam (Great Writer)

Katab Azam teletheater is produced in 2022. This series is a historical teletheater, and its story is based on a novel called Confessions of the Slain Writer.

History Persian +15


In the Shekaristan series with more than 180 characters, all the stories take place in an old and imaginary city. Each episode has a separate story that the people of Shakrestan play a different role

Comedy Fantasy Persian +5

Pas az Baran (After Rain)

After the Rain is the story of a doctor and his wife who are killed in a car accident when they go to the north of Iran (Gilan) and because their children are suspicious of this death, they travel to

Drama Persian +15


Story of the great Abu-Ali-Sina, one of the greatest Persian scientists. Although this biography is illustrated in form of a story, yet the Persian history has been portrait with finest detail whilst

History Persian 1986

Fogh-e-Serri (Top Secret)

Super Secret is a television series with a police story and comedy made in 2014. This series is about how to prevent and deal with drug dealers, as well as informing families about the influence of d

Drama Comedy Persian +15

Del (Heart)

The story of Del (Heart) series takes place in the present time and is a romantic series. The story of the series is about a separation between two person and ...

derama Persian +15


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